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It's festive season in Scrappy Town and you have a hankering for some sweets. You have two days to explore a peaceful autumn forest in search of 50 pieces of candy. Along your travel you might find yourself stumbling into some spookier areas like an eerily quiet cornfield or a dark and mysterious forest. Find Cards along your journey to equip and progress further. Chat with the locals for some hints or to see how they are doing, or give them the old "Trick or Treat!". Can you find all the treats?

-How to play-
Keyboard or XBox controller only! (Other controllers may appear to work at first, but may have multiple buttons mapped to the same commands causing weird bugs.)

After starting a new game you can view the controls by pressing the Left Arrow Key or the left DPad button on your XBox controller.

Find as many candies as you can before the dawn of the 3rd day. Interact with the environment when an alert pops above the players head. Try hitting objects with equipment. If there is feedback from an object, it may mean that it can be interacted with a different tool.

The game ends on the dawn of the 3rd day and you will get a score based on how much candy you found, how much you explored, and if all candies are collected how fast you got them. If you did not find all candies by the time limit, you can continue to play and will be scored again on the final candy collect.

Time will freeze when you open the pause menu, card equip menu, talking to an NPC and some minor intractables such as the jukebox. So you don't need to worry about losing time by talking to villagers or changing settings.

Saving is not supported in this game. Once you quit the game, progress will be lost.


Are there battles in this one?
Nope! There was some consideration to include an easter egg battle, but there are plenty of hard fought and epic battles coming soon.

Can I stream or make videos of the game?
Of course!

Is there a kickstarter or patreon for this project yet?
Crowdfunding will launch alongside the Paper Preludes.

Will this demo get an update?
Depends on how bad the bugs are  ;)
In terms of content this theme is a sub chapter in the Paper Prelude, so focus is mostly on that.

When does the Paper Prelude come out?
Somewhere between Winter-Spring(2021)

How long will the prelude game be?
The main quest will probably be about 6-8 hours at a casual pace. There's also 2 sub quests and several side quests and achievements.

Is this project coming to consoles or physical release?
No idea...

Minimum System Requirements

Windows 7
Dual Core Processor @3.0GHz
512MB GPU w/ DX10
30FPS @720p(Low Settings)

Found a bug? Check out the community post below for the best way to report bugs.

Updated 27 days ago
Published 29 days ago
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller

Install instructions

Download and extract the folder, then launch the Scrappy Halloween application.


ScrappyHalloween.zip 149 MB

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