Credits and Attributions

I guess you could say I am a "solo dev", as I am the only one directly working on the project, but I certainly cannot do the project alone. I will be using this post as an ongoing way to give credit, shoutouts, and attributions for resources I use to help make this game a reality.

Programs Used


Blender 2.78

Adobe Photoshop CS5

FL Studio 12

Unity Assets

ECM by Oscar Gracián

RPGTalk by Seize Studios

Sky FX Pack


Photoshop Resources


Fonts - I love these Fonts, but ultimately I want to try making my own fonts!

Pastel Crayon Font

Mom's Typewriter font

SFX - Some sfx I am making on my own, but I am using alot of free pre made sounds. It is kind of a big list, so I will be listing over time.

Ambient Forest Sounds

Various VSTs... This is kind of an exhaustive list... If there is a certain sound or instrument you are curious about, let me know and I will see what it is. I do just use alot of the stock FL Studio stuff though...


Unity3d College - Jason's videos have been an invaluable resource in my quest to learn Unity. Highly recommend his channel!

Playtesters - Making sure the game actually runs on targeted platforms!


And of course a big thanks to everyone who has been following along and sharing the project on Twitter and played the game and left feedback!!!

This is in no way complete. As the game grows, so will this list :)

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